How it Work


Your existing phone number, 1-888-GOT-TRASH is set up to our existing phone line or cell phone. Then simply advertise the number in your area and watch the calls pour in! All you have to do is determine the size area in which you operate (area codes, zip codes, entire state, ect.), then we send you the contract for the area you want, you fill it out and fax it back, and we immediately set it up to ring your phone. Its that simple! Contracts are month to month so stuck with a long term commitment, but the number belongs to you as long as you wish to continue with the contract and no one else can have it. When a customer calls 1-888-GOT-TRASH in your area, the servers route the number to your phone based on the caller ID of the customer. Outside your area, the calls go to whoever has reserved 1-888-GOT-TRASH in that area. This way, you are not bothered by out of area far away calls and can focus on growing your local business. You also get an internet log in where you can see everyone who called you on 1-888-GOT-TRASH, when they called, and where they called from. CLICK HERE TO SEE SAMPLE, GREAT TO TRACK YOUR CALLS AND DO MARKETING RESEARCH Book online or call 1-888-GOT-TRASH? today.