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At 1-888-Got-Trash, We are connecting customers with their local service providers nationwide, our vanity phone number: 1-888-GOT-TRASH is here to serve you by locating a service a trash removal and junk removal or roll off service provider near you..

Customers, please click on the map below to be connected with your local agent, if you are a trash removal service provider wanting to expand their business and be part of our network please Click Here.


Toll free phone number 1-888-GOT-TRASH? Has just become available in your area and can become yours for use with your junk removal, Trash removal, Waste Management, roll-off or trash Removal Company!

You’ve heard of and seen the success of many large junk removal companies that use vanity numbers. This is because they use an easy to remember, impossible to forget toll free vanity number. People see the number once and remember it forever. Often, we hear from customers who’ve seen the number weeks or months ago and remember the number when they need service. This instant recall and retention of the impossible to forget number 1-888-GOT-TRASH keeps prospective customers from going to the phone book or internet to search for service since they already know the number they’ve seen on the trucks and roll off dumpsters everywhere around town.

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So call now to reserve this marketing miracle for your junk removal and trash removal company and get the almost unfair advantage that your competition wish they had with 1-888-GOT-TRASH!

Only 1 company per zone can reserve this number, so don’t let your competition beat you to it!

If you can forget the number, then don’t get it, but if you can’t, then neither cans all the prospective customers who see it.

Call now! If your competition answers, then it’s too late!

1-888-GOT-TRASH can yield 14 times more calls than an ordinary numeric number when used on: